Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Mel and Bono

A girl named 'Mel' probably has the lead in being one of the most devoted U2 fans on the planet as her blog (u2.modblog.com) would indicate. Having met the band several times and actually being on a first name basis with them, she tells a story about a recent meet-up with Bono right before the Grammy's...
The following is reprinted from Mel's blog (which is a great blog), read it!
Mel: Got to the hotel @ 10 am. Saw their security. Bono's bodyguard waved at me. I was the only fan there. Bono came out shortly thereafter. (approx 5 mintues later) I talked to him for a good 20 minutes.
[Private conversation removed]
B: So, we're playing Sometimes tonight...
Mel: Why not Vertigo?
B: That's hard to answer... It's been played, y'know - over played. People know it. Even a band as big as U2 has to sell new songs... Change it up... (he continues on about change and keeping things new and different)(pause)
Mel: So... the presale fiasco...
B: (following summarized for key points) The sad thing is the whole thing happened because of Edge's situation. The tour was canceled 5 times. People worked round the clock just to keep the tour alive. Some people got snubbed and they've a right to complain, but some people are taking it too far -- those people aren't fans, they've an agenda. The heartwrenching thing is -- there's a little girl fighting for her life... It's our fault. It was an error. And we're doing everything we can to fix it.(Security calls him to leave. As Bono walks away he turns back towards me with his hand extended and a pleading tone.)
B: You'll tell the people won't you? Will you tell them? You'll tell them what I said, right?
Mel: I'll tell them.


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Wow...How can you not love that man? lol

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