Sunday, February 13, 2005

An Open 'Thank You' to Larry Mullen, Jr...

At tonight's Grammy Award Ceremony, Larry Mullen again stepped up to the plate and apologized to U2 fans about the situation that was 'out of their control' regarding fans standing in line for hours only to be left empty handed. After Edge and Bono spoke, there was a moment of discussion among the band and Larry stepped up to the mic and reiterated the band's regret at fans 'standing in queue overnight and not get any tickets..' It was also interesting to hear about how close the band was to not performing at all in 2005. Larry mentioned that they were almost not able to play at the Grammy's and almost not for the entire year and that 'playing live is where they live'. Vertibloggers speculate that he was referring to the 'family illness' that has delayed the start of tour. Edge's dedication of their Grammy to 'Sian' can only refer to one of his children who may be suffering from a serious illness. Edge earlier this year sued a British tabloid for revealing the individual's name and condition to the public. The Vertiblog crew gives back an open 'Thank You' to the band for keeping things real and making the effort of addressing the fans directly regarding the snafus surrounding the Vertigo ticket sales. We find it ironic that there will be no heart-shaped stage this time around, as it would be most appropriate considering the circumstances surrounding the tour this year.


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