Wednesday, July 13, 2005

'Why Not In Poland' Flag Makes Second Appearance on Stage In Paris! (sorry Iceland!)

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Our friend Darek in Poland, along with his pals Olive, Venda, and Zbych are reporting that their 'Why Not in Poland?' flag has made another appearance with Bono and the band onstage at Night 2 in Paris. Darek then explained to me that during the Cologne Germany Elevation show in 2001, Darek's friend Zbych got Bono's attention and got him to hold the 'WNIP' flag up on stage (see top pic). Well, luck has been kind to Darek and Zbych and friends once again as Bono again spotted their flag in the crowd and draped it over one of the speaker monitors on stage (see bottom pic). Bono was a bit confused as to the meaning of the flag and Darek described the scene as follows:


A total knock out for us! Again, we woke up early, with a lot of waiting,and then fast we ran straight to the stage, and again we were in the 1st row!!! :))) This time our place was between Bono and Adam. During NYDay we were waving with our flag, as always ;) (the one from 2001 with 'WHY NOT IN POLAND'- the very same flag that Bono took from my friend Zbych in Cologne 2001) Again, Bono spotted us, and he come over to us, and my fiend Zbych threw the flag to the stage. Bono picked it up and he was very confused about the writing, 'Why Not In Poland.' So he came over to us, and asked us, 'What is this all about?' (or something like that) We answered to him that this was the flag from the 2001 Elevation Tour. He smiled and give us a sign that he understood. He took the flag and put on the stage, check pix. Than he put his hands together and THANKED US! (you, know, japanese style)

An ABSOLUTELY AMAZING moment for me and my friend Zbych.

Unforgettable show!
Wake up early (7.30 AM) and around 9.00 we get to Stade de France, a beautiful stadium. They open the gates at 4.00 PM, we run fast and our group (4 people) has landed in the first row in front of the stage!!!(between Bono and The Edge) Again, NYDay RULEZ!!! Bono saw our flags (we have 2 of them), came up to me and he pointed at his heart, and then point at ME!!! He was looking straight in my eyes! I did the same thing: point at my heart and then point at him. Then I gave him a thumbs up

We'd like to think that Darek and his friends might be one of the biggest reasons for Poland to now be a regular stop on all future U2 tours.


Blogger concertina said...

ha.. I've been tracing the steps of my famous country-mate Darek for a while, and today when I read that the "why not in Poland" flag is still touring Europe and following U2, at first I was like "it's ridiculous, they have just played in Poland! enough!" and then I sat back and thought "no, actually, it's NOT ENOUGH, there is never enough of U2 live." when I was leaving the stadium after the recent concert I was totally ready for more. So, guys, great job, I am proud of you, go crazy, be nuts, if I could I would be there with you, too!!!

7/14/2005 05:05:00 PM  

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