Thursday, July 07, 2005

Londoner Describes His Close Call Today...

from Ickoonite's Live Journal:

I write from work, and am thankful that the events that have unfolded this morning have not had any long-lasting effect on me. I was at Kings Cross, buying my ticket, when the bombs went off at 08:49. My ticket is stamped with that very time. Just as I was about to go into the station entrance, the emergency signs came on.

I am slightly unnerved, because I could have been on the train that was targeted between Kings Cross and Russell Square. At least 21 people on that train have lost their lives. I've been taking the Picadilly Line from Kings Cross at around that time for the past couple of weeks to get to work. I'm thankful I spent that little extra time on my hair this morning. You know, silly little details that one obsesses over after things like this.

I immediately thought that it was just a cock-up, a blip at Kings Cross, and headed for Euston Square. It started to rain, and I thought that it was not without irony that we had been so high-spirited yesterday, after the news about the Olympics. Our brilliant Tube network would ferry the thousands of spectators to the various events in the East End. This "blip", I thought, was just a reminder of how bad the Tube can actually get.

I walked to Oxford Circus and went down to the Victoria Line platforms. There was no indication of when the trains were going to go anywhere, so I came back up, and as I did, a PA announcement declared that no trains were running and that they didn't know when any would be.

Buggger. Typical. [read more here.]


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