Thursday, July 14, 2005

Staring at the Sunflower in Berlin...

Darek writes:

BERLIN-Another great show!! But ... setlist sucks :-( (same as 2 previous shows) Before Bono said anything to German fans, he said to Polish fans: 'VIVA POLAND'(!!!) That was during NYDay, - he saw our red and white flags! Our group was 20-30 people. We were standing at the top of left target. Later, during 'All I Want Is You', Bono came to us and one of our girls handed a sunflower to him! He took it and he walked on the catwalk with it, then came to us again and gave us the sunflower back. -Darek

ps: This photo (Bono with sunflower) is NOT MINE! Somebody has sent it to me. By the way, girl who gave this sunflower to Bono, is Zbych's girlfriend, her name is Kasia. Darek


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