Thursday, June 09, 2005

U2 to Perform Full Dress Rehearsal Tonight in Belgium...

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Well, we're now at a disadvantage as far as time zones go and are probably offering this to you a bit too late. However, U2 is doing a full dress rehearsal tonight at Roi Baudouin Stadium. The letter reads:

"The show on Friday night is very important to us. We are using brand new screens, Belgian technology in fact, that have never been used before. It is imperative for this tour that we test these in real concert and real time conditions, so that we get the best effect from them.

This means that on Thursday evening, we will be rehearsing the full show from 21:15 until 23:30.

We thank you very much for your understanding!"

So that means, at least by our watch that the show is probably going on as we type this entry... if you're reading this now, get there quick!
We should be getting reports of songs performed and will report anything that is new for the summer shows...


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