Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Far Away, So Close... Unprecedented fan reporting from around the globe...

Ya gotta love technology. With the advent of the digital camera, fans now have the ability to instantly send their snapshots around the globe (light years away from the Pony Express). In 2001, the shots you see below would have been almost impossible to get this quickly. Thanks to all the fans around the world whose energy and enthusiasm are making the blogging of the Vertigo tour a great deal of fun.

Now speaking of technology:

More stage details are emerging over at www.tram3.tk
According to Willie Willams' diary at U2.com, Bono made some last minute changes to the design of the stage, primarily the design of the catwalks protruding from the front of the stage area.

There's also a great close-up of Larry's drum kit.

Make sure to visit their site for some more great shots of the Belgium stage setup.


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