Tuesday, August 02, 2005

South African Fans Set Up Website to Petition Band to Play There...

Makes sense that U2 should play Africa this time 'round, eh?

Cape Town - U2's Bono has definitely made his voice heard to give Africa a helping hand.
Now a group of fans want Bono and his bandmates to do one more thing... Jet over to South Africa and make some music.
Sven ten Bokkel Huinink and a few other fans - web designer Bernard Fourie and David Rozovsky who offered the server on which the site is run - decided to set up a website to get "those four Irish oakies" here.
Sven, a Dutch fan who has been living in South Africa for the past seven years, told News24 he has seen two of U2's concerts and that once you've seen one, you're hooked for life.
So why chose to build a website? "Well, calling Bono is a bit difficult. Asking Madiba is no option either (the old man deserves his time and rest). So what was the only option other than pitching up in Dublin with a bag full of Euros?
"I guess a sign from their fans showing how much we want them to come over. So that is why we made a 'virtual' petition," Sven added.
The website has been up and running since Wednesday morning and the response so far has apparently been positive, but if you want to add your voice - surf over to www.wewantu2.co.za and sign your name.
U2 last performed in South Africa in March 1998 when they concluded their world-wide PopMart tour in Cape Town and Johannesburg.
Note: we were #1781 :-)


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