Friday, July 29, 2005

IRA lays down its arms | Should be interesting to hear Bono's words tonight...

Globe and Mail -- WASHINGTON -- After more than 3,600 deaths over the past 36 years, the Northern Ireland "Troubles" appear to be drawing to a close after the Irish Republican Army formally announced a historic end to its "armed campaign" and said it would start dumping its huge arms cache.
The IRA announcement, called "a step of unparalleled magnitude" by British Prime Minister Tony Blair, is expected to lead to renewal of stalled political talks on power sharing between Catholics and Protestants in the Northern Ireland assembly. Read more.
Note: As you probably remember U2 recorded Sunday Bloody Sunday in Denver for their Rattle And Hum movie on November 8, 1987. It was the same day as the Enniskillen massacre, where 13 people in Northern Ireland were killed by a bomb detonated by the Irish Republican Army (the IRA). Angered by these events, U2 gave a very emotional performance.
We're betting tonight's Sunday Bloody Sunday may be the best yet of the tour...


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