Thursday, August 11, 2005

I'm Back!

Busy month for me and I regret that I haven't been feeding the Vertiblog as I normally do. Thanks for sticking with me over the past couple weeks.

A couple of things have happened that temporarily took me away from the site. One is a new project I'm working on and the other personal:

1. New website... I just bought a new Jetta and as a result found that there is a huge VW community out there that likes to customize (aka 'mod') their cars. Well, the new Jetta is considered VW's 'MK5' platform. Hence, I created a site called If you have a new Jetta, feel free to join! (You may notice a similarity to the Vertiforum in style...). But it's taking off, already 50 members and over 100 posts. So I've been busy with that....

2. Went on Vacation to Boston/Cape Cod... Saw David Gray at the Avalon in Boston. He's doing a small pre release tour for his upcoming album. Songs sounded great and Boston is a great town. I'm really regretting not seeing U2 at any of the Boston gigs. Had tickets at the very first Ticketmaster online sale before the whole ticket fiasco (remember those days?) but opted for MSG in October. Anyways, I didn't bring my cell phone to the David Gray show, but wish I had. We were very close and a great show over all, although he did drop the f-bomb with the many technical difficulties his crew could not iron out. No Babylon either, but definitely check out the new disc as it will be pretty solid. He played the whole album and you could tell there will be a few new classics...

So anyway, I'm gearing up for the Fall Tour, I can't believe in a couple weeks it'll be September already. Just to remind you, the Vertiblog will be at Toronto, MSG, Las Vegas, and Buffalo shows, so we'll be sure to do what we can to get you up close and personal at those venues.

Again, thanks for sticking around for the past few weeks!


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