Tuesday, May 03, 2005

UPDATE: Free U2 Ticket Site Investigated for Alleged Violation of TM Policies

Earlier this year we reported to you about the site, www.freeu2tickets.com, and our bewilderment at how a third party organization could have secured 'a couple thousand' tickets well after all pre-sale sales, and general sales had come and gone. Well, evidently people at Ticketmaster and Clear Channel Entertainment had some of the same questions. According to Pollstar, Brendan Monahan and Brian Cornerstone may be in violation of at least one of the fine print rules and regulations printed on the back of every Ticketmaster ticket stating that tickets "may not be used for advertising, promotion (including contests and sweepstakes) or other trade purposes without the express written consent of the ... promoter of the Event."
Cornerstone states that he secured 10-20 tickets for each venue with his own funds at a cost approaching $10,000.
A portion of the Pollstar article by Deborah Speer (http://www.pollstar.com/news/viewnews.pl?NewsID=3970) can be read below:
... A spokeswoman for Ticketmaster declined to comment on the Web site promotion, but cited the "no unauthorized promotions" language and added that TM makes it very difficult for single buyers to obtain more than a minimal number of tickets. Arthur Fogel, president of Clear Channel Entertainment Touring and longtime North American promoter for U2, told Pollstar the company was looking into the Web site and its offer, and considering its options. "We're looking at the entire situation," Fogel said. "No one knows who this guy is or what he's up to. Obviously, we're going to find out. Beyond that, I have no idea. It's rather bizarre, to say the least."
Monahan insists his methods are completely legit. "We're not affiliated with U2 just as we're not affiliated with the products, retailers and the services that are provided on our site," Monahan said. "These are secondary companies we basically negotiated with that will directly represent them and direct people to their Web site. Then, if people sign up, we'll get a commission." With the commission, Monahan explained, he and his group will use the money to buy more tickets if needed and on the secondary market, if necessary. But he added not that many people, a week after the promotion began, had qualified for the tickets. "We've only had about 2,000 people actually sign up and proceed to the offer section," Monahan said. "But, so far, we've got 50 people who are qualified for tickets."
Fogel has his doubts. "There is no possible way, as Joe Public, that he could have gotten 10 to 20 tickets per show on some organized basis," Fogel emphasized. "There's just no way. I'd be shocked if he has the tickets."


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