Monday, April 25, 2005

Adam downloads 2...

Well, Krista Desens from sheds some light on Adam Clayton's position on music downloading. It's interesting to note that a couple of the bands he mentions are either featured in U2's pre-show music loop and/or slated to open up for the band during the tour.
The following article appeared on their site today:

By Krista Desens

AN JOSE, CA Monday Apr.25.2005 / -- It's no secret that the members of U2 are big supporters of the iPod. In an interview with the San Jose Mercury News, U2's Adam Clayton shared his thoughts about the future of downloading and music distribution.

"I think definitely downloading is here to stay," says Clayton. "It's a very convenient way to get music, but I think it is true that music distribution is going to come a number of different ways; probably in the end it's going to be mixed up with your phone service...And, you know, your phone will also become your digital music player."

So does the U2 bassist ever download? He admits, "Occasionally, I do . . . but I still like the hard copy."

And what music does Clayton like to download or buy? "Arcade Fire. And a band out of England called Bloc Party that are really great," he says, adding "And then there's the Killers. You'd probably heard them."


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