Monday, March 14, 2005

MSG is the place to be...

Wow. Wow. Wow. Vertibloggers were amazed at how fast the general sale tickets to the 3rd leg MSG shows went today. In a matter of minutes, the three shows that were slated for general sale sold out, and as two more additional dates were added, those also were snapped up in minutes. Many U2 fans are wondering exactly how many fans are, in fact, getting tickets. It is a general consensus that brokers have an inside track to getting tickets and grab as many as they can to sell at inflated rates. Some fans, at least those in New York, are calling for the state's Attorney General to step in and investigate exactly how the TIcketmaster program works.

And while many U2 fans would disagree, it may simply be a matter of demand outrunning supply. Contrary to popular belief, MSG only holds approximately 19,522 people (x 7 shows = 136,654) in a city with a population itself totalling 7+ million. NYC fans alone would have a hard time getting tickets, let alone a global population of U2 fans dreaming of seeing the biggest band in the world play in what MSG calls itself, "The World's Most Famous Arena'. The Vertiblog crew is happy to say that we'll be there!

The good news is that Billboard is reporting that 2 additional shows for November 21 & 22 have been confirmed and will go on sale @ 9am ET on March 21st.
(photo courtesy of Henry Wagner Photography)


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