Wednesday, January 26, 2005

U2.conned? | Fans wonder how things got Out of Control...

Well, it would be an understatement to say that many fans are feeling a little bit let down from their experience with the presale ticketing system employed for the Vertigo Tour. Many fansites are being flooded with posts from fans who feel that U2 has sold out and has been converted to the corporate machine who cares not about the love, but the money. There is even an open letter to U2 asking them what the deal is. At there are even more stories of woe. We have to agree that, on paper, it would only make sense to offer your most loyal fans, who pay for the privilege, the best seats in the house. Instead many fans have found themselves spending hundreds of dollars for nosebleed seats or at the opposite end of the venue after Ticketmaster updated their seating chart in the middle of the chaos. Regardless, U2.con (as it's been dubbed by several fans) owes an explanation, if not another presale opportunity with better seats for those who were left without. We have to attribute the chaos and disappointment to the band's apparent lack of involvement with their own fansite. By all accounts, HTDAAB has outsold ATYCLB by hundreds of thousands of copies yet is only being supported by 13 U.S. tour dates. It was a recipe for disaster from day One and we're hopeful that the band does the right thing and takes care of the people who have taken care of them for so many years...


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