Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Presale ticketing | Not exactly a beautiful day...

This morning U2 fans who spent the $40 to join U2.com and get priority ticketing privileges were justifiably thinking that they'd have first dibs on General Admission tickets to the shows of their choice. As it turns out, Ticketmaster has had several 'glitches' with the presale process and, according to some reports at alt.music.U2, have actually canceled the presale process altogether until they can fix the online ticketing issues. Vertiblog staff also encountered their own frustrations as the only tickets available for MSG as of noon EST were upper level tickets at the $100US pricepoint. If history repeats itself those who are patient will likely see additional tour dates added and will have another shot at getting decent seats for upcoming shows. The rollout of the U2.com membership has left a lot to be desired and often creates more questions than it answers... Why a 2 ticket minimum (4 seems more reasonable for reserved seating...)? Why are many 'bad' seats the ones that U2.com members had limited access to? Offering a premium membership with the implied benefit of getting priority access to 'good' seats seems like a simple idea on paper, but obviously presents its own set of challenges considering likely demand and technical limitations. It'd be nice to see the band respond by hooking up their most loyal fans some sort of remedy to make the situation right.


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