Thursday, January 05, 2006

U2 to Play Aloha Bowl in Honolulu on April 8th...

The group has won countless music awards around the world, sold millions of albums and the lead singer was just named one of Time Magazine's persons of the year.
U2, the Grammy Award-winning Irish rock band with an international following, will play in Honolulu April 8 at Aloha stadium.
U2 fans are already getting psyched up for the event.
"I think it's great, because I've seen them live before and they do a great show. They put on a really great show," said fan Mark Daigle.
"I think that's awesome," said Judah Raquinio, a fan outside Tower Records. When asked if he plans on going to the concert, Raquinio replied with, "Yeah, when do the tickets go on sale?"
That's the big question. The details haven't yet been worked out on when tickets go on sale or how much they'll be.
Whenever a really big act comes to town, there's a lot of preparation.
"The logistics are kind of mind boggling. When you got 50, 60, 70 people traveling and a lot of equipment, it takes a lot of planning," said Tom Moffatt, a local concert promoter.
Moffatt knows the logistics and the expense.
"I give you an example - just to bring a stage in and set it up, costs over $100,000," Moffatt said.
Moffatt brought Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson and The Eagles to Aloha Stadium.
"The technical requirements have gone way up that the groups use now, as opposed back when I presented The Eagles for the first time in the stadium in the '80s," Moffatt said. "Things have changed quite a bit."
Moffatt says these days big acts want special stages and big video screens. There's a lot of equipment to ship and that gets expensive.
And that can push ticket prices up.


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