Sunday, October 09, 2005

The Vertiblog goes stealth at MSG today...

Today we took a tour of MSG and thought you might be interested in some of the pictures we took. This is a view from one of the luxury suites...

The highlight of the tour was getting to go backstage and into the locker room areas. As we entered the hallway we immediately knew we might see some interesting things...

About halfway down the hallway there was a hallway blocked by a black curtain, but the signs gave away what was behind it...

This is what was behind the black curtain. We didn't know that U2 had a 'quiet room'.. must be a place for pre-show relaxation. We also didn't see a menu for the Band Dining Area that you can see in the foreground.

This was on the wall on the opposite side of the black curtain, detailing the security passes and where you could go with each pass (we blurred out the details for, well, security purposes...)

Opposite the black curtain (walking away from band dining area) there was a hallway with more U2 personnel. Paul McGuinness, band manager, and Arthur Fogel, president of Clear Channel Touring both had dressing rooms and offices down this hallway.

Here is Paul McGuinness' dressing room.

And this is the hallway leading out to the Garden floor.

And this is the hallway leading out to the Garden floor and to the ellipse! These are the only pictures we could get away with taking without being too obvious... hope you enjoyed them!


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