Sunday, April 03, 2005

Bootleggers Beware | eBay Vigilantes Provide Their Own Justice...

eBay 'vigilantes' are going all out in their efforts to stymie sellers of U2 Vertigo shows. As seen in the image above, an eBay user named 'seedeearekilla' (CD-R Killa) is placing outrageous bids on auctions selling U2 bootlegs (certainly with no intention of paying...). And oes the second picture look familiar? (see post below of Mel's photo). It looks as though the creator of the cd cover above may have stopped by Mel's gallery.

During 2001, several comments were made by the band regarding the recording of their shows. They made it clear that they were fine with people recording their performances and trading them. They did make it clear that they were opposed to people making money from those recordings. As Bono says, "We invite people to bootleg our shows. We invite people to make copies, we've no problems with that, but if some guy is gonna make money off the back of this, we're gonna find out where he parks his car."


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